I'm trying to make a MaterialAlertDialog but I keep getting the following error no matter what

 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The style on this component requires your app theme to be Theme.AppCompat (or a descendant).
        at com.google.android.material.internal.ThemeEnforcement.checkTheme(ThemeEnforcement.java:243)
        at com.google.android.material.internal.ThemeEnforcement.checkAppCompatTheme(ThemeEnforcement.java:213)
        at com.google.android.material.internal.ThemeEnforcement.checkCompatibleTheme(ThemeEnforcement.java:148)
        at com.google.android.material.internal.ThemeEnforcement.obtainStyledAttributes(ThemeEnforcement.java:76)
        at com.google.android.material.dialog.MaterialDialogs.getDialogBackgroundInsets(MaterialDialogs.java:60)
        at com.google.android.material.dialog.MaterialAlertDialogBuilder.<init>(MaterialAlertDialogBuilder.java:117)
        at com.google.android.material.dialog.MaterialAlertDialogBuilder.<init>(MaterialAlertDialogBuilder.java:103)
        at com.adamm.quem.MainActivity$1.onItemClick(MainActivity.java:118)

I am using a custom theme as my MainActivity theme which is a parent of MaterialComponents

<style name="MainMaterialTheme" parent="Theme.MaterialComponents.Light.NoActionBar">
        <item name="colorPrimary">@color/colorPrimary</item>
        <item name="colorPrimaryDark">@color/colorPrimaryDark</item>
        <item name="colorAccent">@color/colorAccent</item>

Changing the theme to AppCompat doesn't help and isn't really right to do I am following the implementation as Material IO explains https://material.io/develop/android/components/dialog/

My code:

AlertDialog.Builder builder = new MaterialAlertDialogBuilder(getApplicationContext())

How can this be fixed?


You're passing in getApplicationContext() and the application context doesn't have your theme. Pass in your activity as the context:

AlertDialog.Builder builder = new MaterialAlertDialogBuilder(MainActivity.this)
  • Could you please explain? what is the difference between both, and how can I make my context have the theme? as I need to use AlertDialog in a RecyclerView.ViewHolder, how can I get such context?
    – Adam Ma
    Apr 8 '20 at 19:37
  • Thanks, I created a static context variable that is initiated in MainActivity with MainActivity.this reference, managed to get it working in ViewHolder
    – Adam Ma
    Apr 8 '20 at 19:45
  • 5
    Don't ever store a static reference to a Context as that will most definitely be a source of memory leaks. Just pass your Activity as a constructor parameter when constructing your adapter / ViewHolder Apr 8 '20 at 19:52

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