I a project I am handling, I see these dependencies defined:


But I can't understand why there are 2 artifacts for testing with Spring Boot, what is the difference between both of them? Maybe with the latter, I am also importing the former?

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The spring-boot-starter-test is an aggregated "starter pack" for libraries using often together for testing in Spring applications.

As stated in the latest version reference documentation, the spring-boot-starter-test contains:

  • JUnit 5 (including the vintage engine for backward compatibility with JUnit 4)

  • Spring Test & Spring Boot Test - This is the spring-boot-test dependency)

  • AssertJ, Hamcrest, Mockito, JSONassert, and JsonPath.

You can remove the explicit definition of the spring-boot-test dependency.

  • So as I though I can just remove the formed dep?
    – Phate
    Apr 9, 2020 at 10:22

From Spring Boot official reference:

Spring Boot provides a number of utilities and annotations to help when testing your application. Test support is provided by two modules: spring-boot-test contains core items, and spring-boot-test-autoconfigure supports auto-configuration for tests.

more details>>


Please have a look at the maven definitions. The contents of the packages are detailed there. spring-boot-starter-test seems to be a superset of spring-boot-test since spring-boot-starter-test has dependency for spring-boot-test.



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