Is it possible to remove security for some specific requests in my api list using WSO2 API manager version 3.

For example

I have following requests

/customer - post
/products - get
/customer/address - get

In my case I don't need security for /products - get ,

I tried the suggestion @Pubci getting request response

Invalid Credentials. Make sure your API invocation call has a header: 'Authorization : Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' or 'Authorization : Basic ACCESS_TOKEN' or 'apikey: API_KEY

any suggestions appreciated.


For each resource, you can enable/disable security.

  1. Go to the resources tab.
  2. Click on the relevant resource
  3. Disable security.
  4. Publish API

Please refer to the attached image. enter image description here

For publishing api refer attached image

enter image description here

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  • I tried the same ,updated response in question. – CLIFFORD P Y Apr 13 at 10:16
  • Worked ,I forgot to republish the API,updated the answer.Thank you. – CLIFFORD P Y Apr 14 at 8:59

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