If CleanCommand is executing then SearchCommand will be inactive. If SearchCommand is executing then CleanCommand will be inactive.

Barcode is

public long Barcode
    get => _barcode;
    set => this.RaiseAndSetIfChanged(ref _barcode, value);

private readonly ObservableAsPropertyHelper<bool> _isSearching;
private readonly ObservableAsPropertyHelper<bool> _isCleaning;    
public bool IsSearching => _isSearching.Value;
public bool IsCleaning => _isCleaning.Value;
public ReactiveCommand<Unit, Unit> SearchCommand { get; }
public ReactiveCommand<Unit, Unit> CleanCommand { get; }

In constructor

SearchCommand = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(Search, SearchCanExecute());
SearchCommand.IsExecuting.ToProperty(this, x => x.IsSearching, out _isSearching);

CleanCommand = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(Clean, CleanCanExecute());
CleanCommand.IsExecuting.ToProperty(this, x => x.IsCleaning, out _isCleaning);

In class

    IObservable<bool> SearchCanExecute()
        bool isCleaningSuited = !IsCleaning;
        bool isBarcodeSuited = Barcode > 0;

        return Observable.Return(isBarcodeSuited);

    IObservable<bool> CleanCanExecute()
        bool isSearchingSuited = !IsSearching;

        return Observable.Return(isSearchingSuited);

I get the process status with *IsExecuting.ToProperty()

I get values with properties like Barcode.

Should i use WhenAny* method or can i do it this way?


I'd probably do this.WhenAnyObservable on the command execution and pipe that into the respective command canExecute. That way you don't really need the functions that return observables and it's a bit more fluid.

Something along the lines of the following

            var commandOneCanExecute = this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.CommandTwo.IsExecuting).StartWith(false).Select(x => !x);
            var commandTwoCanExecute = this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.CommandOne.IsExecuting).StartWith(false).Select(x => !x);
            CommandOne = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(ExecuteCommand, commandOneCanExecute);
            CommandTwo = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(ExecuteCommand, commandTwoCanExecute);
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  • Thanks for help. – echoman Apr 10 at 7:15

I think i solved the problem.

IObservable<bool> searchCommandObservable = this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.SearchCommand.IsExecuting).StartWith(false).Select(x => x);
IObservable<bool> cleanCommandObservable = this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.CleanCommand.IsExecuting).StartWith(false).Select(x => x);
IObservable<bool> barcodeObservable = this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.Barcode).StartWith(0).Select(x => x > 0);

IObservable<bool> searchCanExecute = Observable.Merge(
    searchCommandObservable.Select(x => !x),
    cleanCommandObservable.Select(x => !x),

IObservable<bool> cleanCanExecute = Observable.Merge(
    searchCommandObservable.Select(x => !x),
    cleanCommandObservable.Select(x => !x)
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