I want to upload a video directly to Vimeo via API without having to upload it to my backend server. In Amazon S3, I would generated a signature on the backend and use it on the frontend form. However, in Vimeo, it looks like I need to provide the API token in the header to upload a video.

In this case, how do I upload a video directly to Vimeo on the client side without compromising security? I assume it's not safe to reveal the API token on the client side and there's no setting in Vimeo that lets me restrict the origin URL for file uploading.


Vimeo has a tutorial for uploading videos from your own frontend with HTTP requests.

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    The documentation was a little confusing but it was a two-step process. You submit the initial request on the backend to get the URL to upload the file to, and use it on the client.
    – maxim 2
    May 16 '20 at 18:27

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