Im making a data visualization using d3 and react. Im trying to use react to render and d3 just for make calculations.

To draw X-Axis I have a <g> with a reference and to render the X-axis I just use:

const drawAxis = (graphData: graphData[], refXAxis: any, refYAxis: any, xScale: ScaleD3, yScale: ScaleD3): void => {
    let xAxis = d3.axisBottom(xScale);
    let yAxis = d3.axisLeft(yScale);
    let a = d3.select(refXAxis).call(xAxis);
    d3.select(refYAxis).call(yAxis); // so, this line manipulates DOM, I want to do *this* with react.

Is it possible to make this in react way?.

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I suggest you to use d3 only for computations, as you said, so use d3 only to create ticks.

You have xScale and yScale so you have the ranges. You can create a simple horizontal line with x1 = xScale.range()[0] and x2 = xScale.range()[1]. And similar for the vertical axis, using the yScale.range() values.

Then you can get all the ticks values simply doing const ticks = xScale.ticks() and so on.

Doing in this way you have some advantages:

  • you don't need references that are not so good in React
  • you can control the DOM creation as you want

Here an example

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