I have function who return html

renderSuggestion(suggestion) {
    const query = this.query;

    if (suggestion.name === "hotels") {
        const image = suggestion.item;
        return this.$createElement('div', image.title);
    } else {
        let str = suggestion.item.name;
        let substr = query;
        return this.$createElement('div', str.replace(substr, `<b>${substr}</b>`));


But<b> element not render in browser as html element. Its display like string... How I display this <b> element?



That is because when you provide a string as the second argument of createElement, VueJS actually inserts the string as a text node (hence your HTML tags will appear as-is). What you want is actually to use a data object as the second argument, which give you finer control over the properties of the created element:

this.$createElement('div', {
    domProps: {
        innerHHTML:  str.replace(substr, `<b>${substr}</b>`)

Of course, when you are using innerHTML, use it with caution and never insert user-provided HTML, to avoid XSS attacks.

  • Completely agree with the caution about user-provided HTML. I'll add that if it's a user-provided string, you must assume the string contains HTML. Display as a string or sanitize thoroughly! Apr 11 '20 at 5:50

You can also create a component and use v-html to render the output.

Declare props for your inputs:

export default {
  props: {
    suggestion: Object,
    query: String

And use a template that uses your logic in the template part

  <div class="hello">
    <div v-if="suggestion.name === 'hotels'">{{suggestion.item.title}}</div>
    <div v-else>
      <div v-html="suggestion.item.name.replace(this.query, `<b>${this.query}</b>`)"/>

This allows for greater flexibility when using more complex layouts.

A working example here


Provide more detail(possibly a picture) of how it's not showing. Consider using a custom CSS class to see the div and what's happening to it.

bold {
    border-style: black;
    font-weight: bold;

then just use the "bold" class instead of "b".

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