I have a one-to-many relation and want to use all the CascadeType for except the CascadeType.REMOVE. I did this:

@OneToMany(cascade= {CascadeType.DETACH, CascadeType.MERGE,
                    CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.REFRESH})

Since I will be using it several places in the project I wanted to write a method to return all the other CascadeType except REMOVE.

For example:

public class Helper {
    public /*I also do not know the return type*/ myMethod(CasccadeType x) {
        // return all the CascateType except x 

Then I want to call it from an annotation

public class Model{
    private Helper helper;

    @OneToMany(cascade = helper.myMethod(CascadeType.REMOVE))
    private field name;


I'm fairly new to enums and can't seem to find any solutions for this. I don't know if JPA allows it or not. Also, if it's allowed, will it be the best practice?

I'm using spring, hibernate-5.4 and java-1.8. Please suggest how can I do it. Thanks in advance.

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