Java SE1.6 introduces "biased lock" and "lightweight lock", so there are four states in Java SE1.6 lock, no lock state, bias lock state, light weight lock state and heavyweight lock state, It will gradually upgrade with the competition.Locks can be upgraded but not downgraded, meaning that partial locks cannot be downgraded to partial locks after being upgraded to lightweight locks.Why is there no lock downgrade design?

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    "Why is there no lock downgrade design?" Why would there be? The point of "biased lock" and "lightweight lock" is to keep the cost of obtaining a lock down. Upgrading a lock costs, and downgrading would cost too. If the thread already paid the cost to get the lock upgraded, why would it waste time downgrading? It already got the lock it wanted, at the lowest possible cost. – Andreas Apr 11 at 3:32

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