What alternative I have for access to https://xxxx/api/identity/entitlement/decision/pdp for check access to resources using the Access Token generated from a user authenticated in a tenant ?

If I use Authorization: Bearer <token> in headers my response is an HTTP 401, I need to use an access token, because I don't have access to admin credentials.

  • are you referring this docs.wso2.com/display/IS550/… ? – Hasitha Apr 11 at 14:05
  • Yes, exactly, but using access token and not he admin credentials of tenat. – BryGom Apr 11 at 22:15
  • you will need admin credentials for this service. If you are not the admin, you can ask admin to create another admin role for you. – Hasitha Apr 12 at 4:15
  • Ok, thank you , I was hope can use this service with only access token. – BryGom Apr 12 at 4:47

The permission level for this resource is defined in the repository/conf/identity/identity.xml file as below.

<Resource context="(.*)/api/identity/entitlement/(.*)" secured="true" http-method="all"> <Permissions>/permission/admin/manage/identity/pep</Permissions> </Resource>

When you generate the access token, the user of that token should have a role assigned to him with this permission. So create a role and assign this permission to that role. Then assign the role to that user. Now generate a new token(Be cautious as IS might return the existing token if it is still valid) and try the flow.

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