I have this react native project that im working with multiple computers, in my MacBook everything works fine, when I run "pod install" after running "npm install" the pods project is created successfully, in the other hand when I do the same in my desktop I get this following error:

enter image description here

Ive tried installing pods for other projects and everything works fine, the problem is with this project in particular.


Thanks for your comments, for you to know:

after running:

pod repo remove trunk
pod install

This is what I get:

enter image description here

This is my package.json:

  "name": "aksystems",
  "version": "3.9.8",
  "description": "",
  "author": "",
  "private": true,
  "scripts": {
    "start": "react-native start",
    "test": "jest",
    "lint": "eslint .",
    "ios": "cd ios/ && rm -rf Pods/ && rm -rf Podfile.lock && pod install && cd ../ && react-native run-ios",
    "android": "cd android/ && ./gradlew clean && cd ../ && react-native run-android",
    "build:ios": "node node_modules/react-native/local-cli/cli.js bundle --entry-file='index.js' --bundle-output='./ios/mstore/main.jsbundle' --dev=false --platform='ios' --assets-dest='./ios'",
    "setup": "./scripts/setup.sh",
    "setup:android": "./scripts/setup_android.sh",
    "reset": "./scripts/reset.sh",
    "postinstall": "patch-package && npx jetify"
  "dependencies": {
    "@babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties": "^7.5.5",
    "@babel/plugin-proposal-decorators": "^7.4.4",
    "@invertase/react-native-apple-authentication": "^0.1.1",
    "@react-native-community/async-storage": "^1.5.1",
    "@react-native-community/netinfo": "5.0.1",
    "@react-native-community/viewpager": "^3.3.0",
    "@react-native-firebase/app": "^6.0.4",
    "@react-native-firebase/auth": "^6.0.4",
    "api-ecommerce": "0.0.34",
    "base-64": "^0.1.0",
    "currency-formatter": "^1.5.4",
    "deprecated-react-native-listview": "0.0.6",
    "firebase": "^7.9.1",
    "firebase-admin": "^8.9.2",
    "glob": "^7.1.6",
    "html-entities": "^1.2.1",
    "jetifier": "^1.6.3",
    "lodash": "^4.17.15",
    "moment": "^2.24.0",
    "native-base": "^2.13.8",
    "oauth-1.0a": "^2.2.6",
    "patch-package": "^6.1.2",
    "postinstall-postinstall": "^2.0.0",
    "react": "16.9.0",
    "react-native": "0.61.5",
    "react-native-admob": "^2.0.0-beta.6",
    "react-native-animatable": "^1.3.2",
    "react-native-app-intro-slider": "^3.0.0",
    "react-native-apple-authentication": "https://github.com/ton44079/react-native-apple-authentication",
    "react-native-camera": "git+https://git@github.com/react-native-community/react-native-camera.git",
    "react-native-clean-form": "^0.5.0",
    "react-native-collapsible": "^1.4.0",
    "react-native-country-picker-modal": "^1.10.0",
    "react-native-credit-card-input": "^0.4.1",
    "react-native-date-picker": "^2.7.7",
    "react-native-drawer": "^2.5.1",
    "react-native-facebook-account-kit": "^2.1.0",
    "react-native-fbsdk": "^1.1.1",
    "react-native-fluid-slider": "^1.0.2",
    "react-native-gesture-handler": "^1.6.0",
    "react-native-image-picker": "^2.3.1",
    "react-native-image-zoom-viewer": "^2.2.26",
    "react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view": "0.9.1",
    "react-native-linear-gradient": "^2.5.5",
    "react-native-localization": "^2.1.4",
    "react-native-masked-text": "^1.12.4",
    "react-native-modalbox": "2.0.0",
    "react-native-onesignal": "3.5.0",
    "react-native-paper": "3.4.0",
    "react-native-picker-select": "^6.3.3",
    "react-native-radio-buttons": "^1.0.0",
    "react-native-reanimated": "^1.7.0",
    "react-native-render-html": "^4.1.2",
    "react-native-restart": "^0.0.13",
    "react-native-screens": "^2.0.0-alpha.22",
    "react-native-scrollable-tab-view": "1.0.0",
    "react-native-snap-carousel": "^3.8.0",
    "react-native-star-rating": "^1.1.0",
    "react-native-store-rating": "^1.0.1",
    "react-native-swipe-list-view": "^2.0.0",
    "react-native-swiper": "^1.6.0-nightly.5",
    "react-native-tab-view": "^2.13.0",
    "react-native-vector-icons": "^6.6.0",
    "react-native-video": "^5.0.2",
    "react-native-webview": "8.0.1",
    "react-navigation": "4.0.10",
    "react-navigation-stack": "^1.10.3",
    "react-navigation-tabs": "^2.6.2",
    "react-redux": "7.1.0",
    "redux": "4.0.5",
    "redux-actions": "^2.6.5",
    "redux-persist": "5.10.0",
    "redux-thunk": "^2.3.0",
    "reselect": "^4.0.0",
    "tcomb-form-native": "^0.6.20",
    "tipsi-stripe": "^7.5.1",
    "urijs": "^1.19.1",
    "url": "^0.11.0",
    "url-parse": "^1.4.7",
    "util": "^0.12.1",
    "uuid": "^3.3.2",
    "validate.js": "^0.13.1",
    "wpapi": "^1.2.1"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@babel/core": "7.6.2",
    "@babel/runtime": "7.6.2",
    "@react-native-community/eslint-config": "^0.0.5",
    "babel-jest": "24.9.0",
    "babel-plugin-transform-remove-console": "^6.9.4",
    "eslint": "6.5.1",
    "eslint-config-airbnb": "^18.0.1",
    "eslint-plugin-import": "^2.19.1",
    "eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y": "^6.2.3",
    "eslint-plugin-react-hooks": "^2.3.0",
    "jest": "24.9.0",
    "metro-react-native-babel-preset": "0.57.0",
    "react-test-renderer": "16.10.2",
    "reactotron-react-native": "4.0.2",
    "reactotron-redux": "3.1.2"
  "jest": {
    "preset": "react-native",
    "setupFiles": [

And podfile:

platform :ios, '9.0'
#require_relative '../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-ios/native_modules'

require_relative '../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-ios/native_modules'

target 'aksystems' do
  # Pods for mstore
  pod 'FBLazyVector', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/FBLazyVector"
  pod 'FBReactNativeSpec', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/FBReactNativeSpec"
  pod 'RCTRequired', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/RCTRequired"
  pod 'RCTTypeSafety', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/TypeSafety"
  pod 'React', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'
  pod 'React-Core', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'
  pod 'React-CoreModules', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/React/CoreModules'
  pod 'React-Core/DevSupport', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'
  pod 'React-RCTActionSheet', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/ActionSheetIOS'
  pod 'React-RCTAnimation', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/NativeAnimation'
  pod 'React-RCTBlob', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Blob'
  pod 'React-RCTImage', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Image'
  pod 'React-RCTLinking', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/LinkingIOS'
  pod 'React-RCTNetwork', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Network'
  pod 'React-RCTSettings', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Settings'
  pod 'React-RCTText', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Text'
  pod 'React-RCTVibration', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Vibration'
  pod 'React-Core/RCTWebSocket', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'

  pod 'React-cxxreact', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon/cxxreact'
  pod 'React-jsi', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon/jsi'
  pod 'React-jsiexecutor', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon/jsiexecutor'
  pod 'React-jsinspector', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon/jsinspector'
  pod 'ReactCommon/jscallinvoker', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon"
  pod 'ReactCommon/turbomodule/core', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon"
  pod 'Yoga', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/ReactCommon/yoga'

  pod 'DoubleConversion', :podspec => '../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/DoubleConversion.podspec'
  pod 'glog', :podspec => '../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/glog.podspec'
  pod 'Folly', :podspec => '../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/Folly.podspec'

  pod 'Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK'

  pod 'react-native-date-picker', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-date-picker'

  pod 'react-native-image-picker', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-image-picker'

  pod 'Stripe', '~> 14.0.0'

  pod 'tipsi-stripe', :path => '../node_modules/tipsi-stripe'

  pod 'react-native-onesignal', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-onesignal'

  target 'aksystemsTests' do
    inherit! :search_paths
    # Pods for testing


target 'OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension' do
  pod 'OneSignal', '>= 2.9.3', '< 3.0'

As you said, Ive seen in various SO questions and GitHub posts that might be a network issue but as I told you another Pod projects work pretty well, the pods versions are the same (last) and both machines are running over the same network.

  • Do you have the latest Cocoapods version on both machines? Can you access this file from that machine? That sounds like a network issue. Also why there cocoapods is trying to fetch both 6.3.1 and 6.4.0 versions of FirebaseAnalytics? Please add the Podfile and the package.json contents to your question. Apr 18 '20 at 6:04
  • Thanks @ChristosLytras , added. Apr 18 '20 at 21:44
  • You can check my answer here Сocoapods trunk URL couldn't be downloaded Jul 11 '20 at 18:25

You could try update the repos because it might not contain what you want. More info

pod repo update && pod install

If that fails, an example of the usage of pod 'Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK' adds a source explicitly,

source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'

OLD Answer:

Have you tried pod repo remove trunk; pod install as taken from this SO question. It would be useful if you shared your Podfile.

This removes a repo called `trunk' from cocoapods, then re-adds it.

Here is a gist of my Podfile, which also uses Firebase.

  • Thanks, I've tried to remove trunk and does not work. Im receiving a similar error: CDN: trunk URL couldn't be downloaded: cdn.cocoapods.org/deprecated_podspecs.txt, error: execution expired Apr 18 '20 at 1:15
  • @KarloA.López Can you show a screenshot with the new error? Apr 18 '20 at 1:47
  • @MayconMesquita Ive uploaded the image. Thanks Apr 18 '20 at 21:44
  • It worked thanks but 'pod install --repo-update' didn't work, not sure why Feb 10 at 5:10

Thank you all for the support, after multiple efforts of solving this, I found the solution was related to my network making IPV6 requests instead of IPV4, I don't filly understand this but this is how I solved:

System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP > Configure IPv6: Link-local only


  • Nice job. Thank you :)
    – Nick
    Jul 6 '20 at 11:32

CocoaPods 1.8.x offers the ability to use either Git or CDN (default).

You can always fallback to the previous git based implementation by adding to your Podfile:

source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'

Based on your last error log, i think this can be useful.

  • 2
    The CDN is having trouble in come countries and some Shared IP's. You can try a VPN to know if is issue with your network. Apr 23 '20 at 21:20

I came across the exact same problem. Turns out I compiled a problematic version of curl library from source in my operation system with make install. This libcurl binary is missing the ability to request https URLs.

So I just make uninstall this libcurl and fallback to system's libcurl and everything works fine again.

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