I have a bit of problem with node.js and inquirer. The program is supposed to

1) prompt for a) "enter new value" or b) quit (with inquirer/list)

2) upon choosing "enter new value" it will show second menu "enter values for x, y, z, or QUIT"? (valid choices are "x", "y", "z", "Quit"). Choosing Quit would go back to (1). Else, it will keep asking this second menu.

Right now I'm still wrapping my head about async/await and I managed to come up with the following:

class obj {
  constructor() {}

async menu1 {
  try {
    const aOrB = await this.enterAorB();
    if (aOrB.choice ==="Quit") {
      this.quit(); // assume this exits
    } else {
  } catch (e) {//show error}

enterAorB() {
  return inquirer.prompt([{ type:list, name:'choice',
    message:'Enter new value or Quit?',choices: ["Enter New Value","Quit"]}])}

async menu2() {
  try { const xyzOrQuit = await this.getxyzOrQuit();
    if (xyzOrQuit.choice==="Quit") {
      // go back to menu1 upon quitting here
    } else {
      //some code here to deal with xyzorQuit = "Enter X", etc.
    // repeat this menu until solved
  } catch (e) { // some exception handler}

getxyzorQuit() {
  return inquirer.prompt([{ type:list, name:'choice',
    message:'Enter x, y, z, or Quit?',
    choices: ["Enter X","Enter Y", "Enter Z", "Quit"]}])}

I can choose a) in menu1 no problem.

I can select x, y, and z in menu2, no problem. Goes back to menu2 as planned.

But when I chose quit from menu2 (x y z quit) it displayed menu2 AGAIN. Menu1 and Menu2 overlapped on the screen, resulting in a mess. The program clearly did reach menu1, as I can hit down arrow once, and hit enter, and the program quit as expected. Still... what's causing the problem, and how do I fix it?

I am a bit lost as to what I did wrong here. Logic seems sound. But clearly I'm too close to the trees to see the forest, or however the metaphor went.

(And pardon any typos in the code)

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