I'm trying to build a binding library for the Android Zoom SDK.

The SDK is contains 2 .arr files, so I ended up with 2 binding library.

When I try to use these 2 binding libraries in a demo application, I have the following error during build with resources that comes from one of them.

multiple substitutions specified in non-positional format; did you mean to add the formatted="false" attribute?

I understand the problem perfectly, but can I do something about it? It seems to me that Transforms are all about code, and not about resources at all.

Any help appreciated.


Here's my GitHub repo for you to reproduce the issue.

  • Have you looked at the comment in the answer here? stackoverflow.com/a/48347534/11104068 – Saamer Apr 12 at 8:21
  • @Saamer I saw it but the problem here is that I do not have access to resources because they're embedded in the .aar files. – Olivier MATROT Apr 12 at 14:22
  • Can you share some screenshots and tell me what you have tried to do so far. Can you also share a more detailed Application output, possibly inside a pastebin – Saamer Apr 12 at 19:45
  • @Saamer I've pushed my early work to GitHub – Olivier MATROT Apr 13 at 8:04
  • Hmm that’s a strange error. Here’s a video shared by Jonathan Dick youtu.be/NyqxScrnJKw where he creates bindings that could help you, specifically at 1:24:25. The XamarinComponents gitter channel is another good place to ask them for help in case you aren’t able to figure it out. – Saamer Apr 13 at 18:52

The error was caused by the following string resources are defined in wrong format which has two $s.

Screenshot %s added a channel description: %s %s added a chat description: %s %s updated the channel description: %s %s updated the chat description: %s

I was able to fix the issue by modifying the valuse.xml and values-{language}.xml files in the aar files (unzip it and rezip it).

BTW, I has read your posts about this topic.Cool article! Just FYI, based on my tests, we don't need to add the values.xml file into the demo project once we fix the issue.

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  • The string were removed. Please check the screenshot. – Minghao Li May 8 at 9:21
  • Did you fork the GitHub repo ? You can make a pull request if you want. – Olivier MATROT May 8 at 11:00
  • I am not very familiar with Github. I will have a try when I have some time tomorrow. – Minghao Li May 8 at 13:40
  • You can send me your modified project as a zip file as well. Or put it somewhere for me to download. – Olivier MATROT May 8 at 13:47
  • Here is the git hub link github.com/Liminghao0922/Xamarin.Android.ZoomBindings BTW, I also fixed some other errors. Change the target API Level 29. Add some Androidx Libs. – Minghao Li May 9 at 3:34

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