I am designing an scraper using python scrapy for the site


I have extracted many elememt by expath but not able to get storage versionn of phone.

By inspecting element one can get the xpath but when try to call in scrapy shell it returns :

  • i have tried using scrapy shell with the following code executed:---response.xpath('//dl[@class="grouped-versions-list js_bands-versions"]/dd[1]/ul/li[@class="item"]/a/text()').extract() output getting :-- [] – matt patel Apr 13 at 12:22
  • desired output :-- 3GB 16GB – matt patel Apr 13 at 12:25

Some facts:

  • It's a large website, they have spent some time developing it, it's probably using modern technologies
  • It's loading https://www.kimovil.com/build/app-js.227fce30.js which has app in its name and build in path

Judging by this they use some sort of JS frontend framework and the DOM is not complete when scrapy reaches the webpage. The data you are looking for is being loaded and DOM is being manipulated later in the lifecycle.

You can inspect requests your browser is making, one of them is this https://www.kimovil.com/_json/oneplus-2-3gb-16gb-cn_prices_deals.json for example.

Or you can use a scraping framework based on selenium or something else that can run javascript on page.

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  • Its for the price but i dont want price , want to scrape version list when inspected its under class=version list – matt patel Apr 13 at 14:37
  • either find where the data for the version list is coming from (another request) or use a browser automation based solution like I suggested (selenium etc) – Azamat Galimzhanov Apr 13 at 14:39

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