I created a script which just asks a user for their name and age using Python's input() function.

I installed the package Script. This ran the script well but couldn’t deal with the input.

I have also tried a number of other options but haven’t had any success.

Any ideas how to build and execute scripts from within Atom? I don’t mind if it just simply saved the script and opened Pythons IDLE at a minimum.

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Add Terminal-Plus and run the code with the python name_file.py command


Script Runner can run scripts and supports input, unlike Script. It's the simplest full terminal package that I know of. To run a script, press Alt+X

For more advanced usage, you might look at Hydrogen.


The atom-python-run package gets around the input("") freeze problem by opening a terminal window and running the code in that.

Doing it within Atom has eluded me too, but this works OK.

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