I have a class that uses unordered_map container and custom templates.

template <typename KeyType, typename ValueType>
class List {

In that class I have defined a new unordered_map::const_iterator with typedef as follow:

typename typedef std::unordered_map<KeyType, ValueType>::const_iterator ListIterator;

Note that I have created that type to use it as a function parameter as follow:

void Remove(List<KeyType, ValueType>::ListIterator from, List<KeyType, ValueType>::ListIterator to) {}

The problem is that there is an error occurs when compiling Error C2061 syntax error: identifier 'ListIterator'.
Why That error occurs, what's wrong in my typedef?


You have the order of typename and typedef reversed. Change the declaration to

typedef typename std::unordered_map<KeyType, ValueType>::const_iterator ListIterator;

Or apply using (since C++11) which looks more clear.

using ListIterator = typename std::unordered_map<KeyType, ValueType>::const_iterator;
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  • Unfortunately, I tried the two ways but the same error message still appears. the error message points to the "Remove" method. – Lion King Apr 14 at 1:52
  • @LionKing I tried it here and works, I suppose Remove is a member function, is it? – songyuanyao Apr 14 at 1:55
  • Yes, I don't know why that is still happening, I am using "Visual Studio 2015" perhaps it is the cause? – Lion King Apr 14 at 2:00
  • @LionKing I got it. You need to add typename as void Remove(typename List<KeyType, ValueType>::ListIterator from, typename List<KeyType, ValueType>::ListIterator to) {}, or just void Remove(ListIterator from, ListIterator to) {}. LIVE. Anyway it seems to be MSVS's issue. – songyuanyao Apr 14 at 2:14
  • I found it, the "typedef" was declared after the "Remove" method, so the "Remove" method did not see the "typedef" declaration. – Lion King Apr 14 at 16:10

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