I want my owl carousel to refresh with the renewed responsive options. In jquery this can be done by using: $owl.trigger('refresh.owl.carousel'); as mentioned here: Refresh owl-carousel in Angular (but for a different plugin that uses jquery as a dependency).

In the api, there's a mention of refreshClass but no mention of triggering a refresh of the instance https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngx-owl-carousel-o

Is this possible?

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Add your ViewChild:

   @ViewChild('carousel', { static: true }) carousel: CarouselComponent;

Retrieve you service;

   const anyService = this.carousel as any;
   const carouselService = anyService.carouselService as CarouselService;

  • after calling refresh my carousel disappear Oct 6, 2021 at 15:58

Based on UberGeoff suggestion, I have found this solution.

@ViewChild('owlCar', { static: true }) owlCar: CarouselComponent;


@HostListener('window:resize', ['$event'])
onResize(event) {
    let anyService = this.owlCar as any;
    let carouselService = anyService.carouselService as CarouselService;  

is not an elegant solution but it works


You don't need to trigger if you set your options for carousel like this

carouselOptions: OwlOptions = {
  items: 1,
  responsive: {
    0: {
      items: 1,

The key is to set anything into responsive option as it's checked in order to handle resize event internally

 * Init subscription to resize event and attaches handler for this event
private _winResizeWatcher() {
  if (Object.keys(this.carouselService._options.responsive).length) {
    this.resizeSubscription = this.resizeService.onResize$
        filter(() => this.carouselWindowWidth !== this.el.nativeElement.querySelector('.owl-carousel').clientWidth),
      .subscribe(() => {
        this.carouselWindowWidth = this.el.nativeElement.querySelector('.owl-carousel').clientWidth;

Been looking for an answer to this as well. My idea was to access the element using @Viewchild, then the CarouselService. By the way, how it did went on your end? @Anon

  • I ended up not using the carousel but keen to find a solution for the future use.
    – Anon
    May 2, 2020 at 10:45
  • So what alternative did you use? I'll skip working on this for now but will be back on a few weeks to looking a solution for it. May 4, 2020 at 5:35

Instead of refreshing, do not assign the values inside the owl options and assign them inside hostlistener like this. It works fine now. @HostListener('window:resize', ['$event'])

checkScreenSize(event?) {

this.isDesktop = window.innerWidth >= 768 ? true : false;
if (this.isDesktop) {
  this.customOptions.touchDrag = false;
  this.customOptions.mouseDrag = false;
else {
  this.customOptions.touchDrag = true;
  this.customOptions.mouseDrag = true;


customOptions: OwlOptions = { margin: 10, stagePadding: 10, loop: false, dots: false, navSpeed: 600, navText: ["", ""], nav: true, responsive: { 0: { items: 4 } } }

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