I am new to signal processing area and trying to find pattern from Accelerometer data. Following chart (timestamp vs multiple traces) represents the accelerometer data along with label. enter image description here

I have plotted multiple traces on the y-axis. As we can see from the chart, when device does some operation and based on that we can see spikes in accelerometer data. In order to provide more clarity, I am also sharing drilled down view (zoom in view as shown below). enter image description here

In order to get more clarity and find feature for Machine Learning, I have applied FFT using the following code snippet:

import pandas as pd
from scipy.fftpack import fft
df1 = pd.read_csv('/home/accelerometer_data.csv',delimiter=",")
print(df1.shape) # Output: (3755771, 4)

sample_rate = 50 # Frequency of the signal i.e. 50 HZ. Number of samples per second.
N = len(df1['acc_z']) # Total number of readings i.e. 3755771
frequency = np.linspace (0.0, 25, int (N/2))
freq_data = fft(df1['acc_z']) # Selecting accelerometer z axis
y = 2/N * np.abs (freq_data [0:np.int (N/2)])

In the above code, len(frequency) and len(y) is 1877885 which is half of the total number of readings. Then it may not provide frequency for the remaining data points. Is this correct?

The FFT chart for the above code is shown below: enter image description here

Is FFT calculation is right? The FFT chart doesn't seem to be useful for feature extraction.

Please share your views.

  • the quickest way to confirm your FFT is working is to use input with a known frequency so either synthesize your own cosine signal or read in an audio file of known frequency then assure your FFT is showing a spike at that known freq – Scott Stensland Apr 14 at 18:33
  • @ScottStensland: I thought it helps me to find feature from accelerometer data (I am new to signal processing domain). Please feel free to correct me! – Saurabh Chauhan Apr 15 at 6:02

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