while t:

while t here makes me confused , is it always true ? i have no idea to describe it.I have never seen this .Could you explain what is going on here with explaination , please ,thank you!

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    Every iteration, t decreases by 1 in t-=1. It will exit when it reaches 0. Apr 14, 2020 at 10:59
  • t depends on the user of your input. first if the user type a word it will cause error, secondly if he types numbers 0 is evaluated as false, any other int is evaluated as true, so it will keep evaluating true until t become 0 Apr 14, 2020 at 11:00

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0 is False is a boolean context, any other number is True.

So here, the loop continues until t is reduced to 0.


t will be True unless it equals to 0 (which is logical False in Python).

In your case, if t is positive, it will be decreased by 1 and the while loop will stop after t=0.

But if the input will be negative number, the loop will run infinitely.


In your case while accept a integer t as the condition. Where the loop iterates until t is 0.

while expression:

The condition here may be any expression, and true is any non-zero value. The loop iterates while the condition is true.


while loop works when the parameter it contains is true. So in your example, it will evaluate the value of t this way: bool(t). If it will be False then the loop will stop.

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