We are dynamically configuring a Crystal report and when we show it in a separate window or dynamically adding reports to a C# WPF StackPanel everything is working as it should.

But when we try to add them as TabItems to a TabControl we get an exception from PresentationFramework saying:

e.Message = "Specified index is out of range or child at index is null. Do not call this method if VisualChildrenCount returns zero, indicating that the Visual has no children.\r\nParameter name: index\r\nActual value was 0."

How do I avoid this crash so that we can have crystal report in our TabControl?


I've had the same problem when trying to put ComponentArt and Telerik controls inside of a TabControl in Silverlight. I had to make sure that I didn't try to load any of the components with data unless the tab that was containing those controls was the active one.

I ended up moving the initialization from the silverlight page's load event over to some logic in the Tab Controls SelectionChanged event I believe.

  • Thanks man. I made sure that the tab was created and displayed before showing the report. And now it works! =) – Presidenten Jun 9 '11 at 13:38

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