I need to have files from many directories in a for loop. As for now, I have the following code:

for f in ./test1/*;
for f in ./test2/*;
for f in ./test3/*;

In each loop I'm doing the same thing. Is there a way to get files from multiple folders?

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Try for f in ./{test1,test2,test3}/* or for f in ./*/* depending on what you want.


You can give multiple "words" to for, so the simplest answer is:

for f in ./test1 ./test2 ./test3; do

There are then various tricks to reduce the amount of typing; namely globbing and brace expansion.

# the shell searchs for matching filenames 
for f in ./test?; do 
# the brace syntax expands with each given string
for f in ./test{1,2,3}; do
# same thing but using integer sequences
for f in ./test{1..3}

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