I researched an error Why can't 'kotlin.Result' be used as a return type? and want to enable it by -Xallow-result-return-type.

I use kotlin-maven-plugin and my pom.xml build section:

                <!-- Possible solution in order to return Result<T> type bypassing Kotlin developers recommendations -->

As far as I checked kotlin-maven-plugin docs there is no such an option.

The error I am getting is

Kotlin: 'kotlin.Result' cannot be used as a return type

Am I doing anything wrong? How to enable Result<T> as a return type?

  • The Result template is 100 lines long you could just copy it! Also I am curious of why would you prefer insisting on using this gadget class over throwing the exception or returning null. – Benoit Guina Apr 15 at 15:12
  • @BenoitGuina First of all, I prefer to use language built-in functions. This specific library allows me to show Railway Oriented programming in Kotlin, so each method will return container and Result<T> is equivalent to Either in Scala. This allows keeping Kotlin null-free in certain scenarios. Copying class and use it is not a problem, maintenance will be an issue. – Dmytro Chasovskyi Apr 17 at 11:03

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