I've just installed Neo4j Desktop, and I am trying to connect using .NET Client, the problem is that when I try to connect I get the Error 404 response (resource not found). The current situation is as follows:

1) I've created a new user (admin, with administrator rights), to replace the use of neo4j user (I don't have the password for this user).

2) Using admin user I can connect successfully to Neo4j using a browser, so the user seems ok.

3) I have a database running under the Neo4j default database, I can query this db from browser interface, so also db seems ok.

4) In my .NET application I've just put the connection commands present in all .NET Clients example:

var graphClient = new GraphClient(new Uri("http://localhost:7474/db/data"), "admin", "admin"); graphClient.Connect();

The execution of Connect generate an exception for resource not found (404).

The current version of Neo4j is 4.0.3, the version of Noe4jClient is (the latest NuGet package found), my suspect is that client version 3 is not compatible with Neo4j version 4.


You are right, the GraphClient is not able to work with a 4.x database at the moment, you can use the BoltGraphClient - but you need to provide a driver instance to it to get it to work due to a change in the way Encryption works with 4.x.

//First create a 'Driver' instance.
var driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("bolt://localhost:7687", AuthTokens.Basic("neo4j", "neo"), Config.Builder.WithEncryptionLevel(EncryptionLevel.None).ToConfig());

//Pass that driver to the BoltGraphClient
var bgc = new BoltGraphClient(driver);

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  • Thank you Chris, unfortunately there are still some problems in you solution proposal: 1) If I include only the namespace Neo4j.Driver I get an error because is missing the definition of BoltGraphClient 2) If I include also namespace Neo4jClient (should not needed I guess, but I've tried anyway), the definition of BoltGraphClient is found but then we have a problem with driver: "Type IDriver is defined in a assembly not referenced...." So it seems there are something strange in this packages, I suppose BoltGraphClient should be present in the Neo4j.Driver namespace but is not. – user2853912 Apr 16 at 13:48
  • You need using Neo4j.Driver.V1 when you pull the Neo4jClient library from nuget, you'll see it will also bring in Neo4j.Driver – Chris Skardon Apr 16 at 14:35
  • I think V1 doesn't exists anymore, this is a comment found in GitHub of the driver: - v1 is removed from drivers' package name. All public APIs are under the namespace Neo4j.Driver instead of the old Neo4j.Driver.V1. I can confirm that I cannot find any Neo4j nuget pack with .v1, and "using Neo4j.Driver.V1" is not available in the nuget package I have (the latest version 4.0.1). Any suggestion? – user2853912 Apr 16 at 15:55
  • you've updated the packages, but Neo4jClient doesn't work with the 4.0 drivers. when you just get the client it will pull down 1.7.x you need to use that – Chris Skardon Apr 16 at 17:07
  • I could not get this to work either, even with the Neo4jClient 1.7.x – David A Stumpf Apr 16 at 18:52

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