Trying to initiate local Wordpress i got the message : Votre serveur utilise la version 5.6.18 de PHP mais WordPress 5.2 nécessite au moins la version 5.6.20. How can I solve the problem Thanks and Regards

  • You should update your php version from your local machine. Maybe you can use xampp, they use more recent versions of PHP – Wouter Neuteboom Apr 16 '20 at 8:38

You can update PHP version within the control panel of uWamp. also you can install manually any version that you want and uWamp will recognize.

uWamp screenshot


As a note, you might simply copy over an existing php_uwamp.ini file into the new PHP folder to retain the customizations you have. Please bear in mind that when switching to a new MAJOR version (v7 to v8) the .ini may have changed.


After manually upgrading php to version 7.4.9 in uWamp there is a warning in phpMyAdmin. This is caused by a too old version of phpMyAdmin in uWamp. After upgrading phpMyAdmin to version 4.9.5 the warnig in phpAdmin has been gone.


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