I've written code that can return the Response of all files that are no longer in use from a given cache to then delete. I've tried using cache.delete already with a request from cache.matchAll() here's the request that's returning false.

Response {type: "basic" url: "" redirected: false status: 404 ok: false statusText: "Not Found" headers: Headers {} body: (...) bodyUsed: false __proto__: Response }

You can see here that it does exist in the cache enter image description here

It looks like cache.delete is meant for removing whole caches but I only want to remove a few select files. Is there a way to do this?

  • If I visit the file in the browser I can then delete them normally. The plot thickens... Apr 17, 2020 at 17:12

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You can delete items in the cache with cache.delete(request, options).

This method finds the item in the cache matching the request, deletes it, and returns a Promise that resolves to true. If it doesn't find the item, it resolves to false.

Here are the options as defined by MDN:

ignoreSearch: A Boolean that specifies whether to ignore the query string in the URL. For example, if set to true the ?value=bar part of 


 would be ignored when performing a match. It defaults to false.

ignoreMethod: A Boolean that, when set to true, prevents matching operations from validating the Request HTTP method (normally only GET and HEAD are allowed.) It defaults to false.

ignoreVary: A Boolean that when set to true tells the matching operation not to perform VARY header matching — that is, if the URL matches you will get a match regardless of whether the Response object has a VARY header. It defaults to false.

cacheName: A DOMString that represents a specific cache to search within. Note that this option is ignored by Cache.match().

  • I've updated my question to explain more. I've tried using cache.delete but it's returning false. Apr 16, 2020 at 6:52

Turns out the testing localhost I was using (I think it's based of npm http-server) was messing with the cache and not letting me delete things. When testing using py -m http.server I have no issues.

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