I need to have a button that only activates when its 16:00pm This is my code so far. (I am quiet new in Java)

public class HoofdMenu extends AppCompatActivity implements View.OnClickListener {

    public interface GlobalConstants
        Date d1 = new Date();

I do not really know if its okay to make a Global this way btw.

public void onClick(View v) {
        switch (v.getId()){
            case R.id.button:



In the code above is my button, when d1 = < 16:00pm it have to move to "hetisgeentijdvoorbier" instead of "hetistijdvoorbier"


    public void openhetistijdvoorbier() {
        Intent intent = new Intent (this, hetistijdvoorbier.class);

    public void openhetisgeentijdvoorbier() {
        Intent intent = new Intent (this, hetisgeentijdvoorbier.class);
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    No, you shouldn't make a "global" object like that. Also, the current date and time isn't a "constant" because it changes frequently. – Code-Apprentice Apr 16 at 17:40
  • With that said, what do you want to happen in your app? Should it the text on the button change automatically? Or does the user have to click on the button for it to change? – Code-Apprentice Apr 16 at 17:42
  • I want the time running in the background and when its between 16:00pm and 03:00am the command have to be "openhetistijdvoorbier" but when its between 03:00am and 16:00pm the command have to "openhetisgeentijdvoorbier" – LvdB Apr 16 at 17:45
  • What do you mean by "the command"? Do you mean the text on the button? – Code-Apprentice Apr 16 at 18:00
  • Actually is that the final output of my app :P – LvdB Apr 23 at 21:07

If I understand correctly, you want the text of the button to change depending on the time of day. You can implement this in the onCreate() method of an activity or in the onCreateView() method of a fragment.

In words:

  1. Inflate the entire activity or fragment view
  2. Find the button view
  3. Get the current time
  4. If the time is between 0300 and 1600 then set the button text to "openhetisgeentijdvoorbier" otherwise set the button text to "openhetistijdvoorbier"

I leave translating these steps into code as an exercise for the reader.

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  • @LvdB Notice how I first describe the steps in words. This is almost always the best place to start when you write new code. Eventually you understand this process well enough that you just do it in your head, but for now you should write it down on paper or type it out in a document. – Code-Apprentice Apr 16 at 18:19

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