I have a task to run cron job in 5min for two times than in 10min...

This sequence should be continued... like. 5,5,10,5,5,10,5,5,10.....

How can we achieve this?



Since a {5, 5, 10} gap cycle is 20 minutes (an nice integral factor of 60 minutes), I'd just opt for a crontab entry of:

0,5,10,20,25,30,40,45,50 * * * * * commandToExecute
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  • Actually I have two script one is running in every 15 min and another should run after 5 min of the first script.... if I execute script as mentioned above (hardcoded nos) the both scripts clasing with each other....Could you suggest any solution? – Iceman Apr 17 at 13:02

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