I have defined an AlgebraicDataType and an instance of it:

data Expr = const(int n)
          | var(str name)
          | add(Expr lhs, Expr rhs)
          | mult(Expr lhs, Expr rhs)

I need a boolean indicating if a given instance of it is of type add:

isAdd(add(var("x"), const(3)));  // true
isAdd(var("x"));                 // false
isAdd(const(3));                 // false
isAdd(mult(var("x"), const(3))); //false

Maybe it exists a built-in function or operator, which would be a more generic solution than :

bool isAdd(add(Expr lhs, Expr rhs)) = true;
bool isAdd(Expr e) = false;

There is a built-in operator is indeed: isAdd(expr) = expr is add.

  • So logical. Thanks. – AlainD Apr 17 '20 at 10:19

Next to Rodin's answer there are cases where the is operator can not distinguish between overloaded operators. In this case a handwritten predicate does help, but using a default modifier to catch the false cases:

Say we also have a ternary add, `data Expr = add(Expr, Expr, Expr) then this will only give true for the binary alternative;

 bool isAdd(add(_, _)) = true;
 default bool isAdd(Expr _) = false;

Or if you wish to inline the match predicate then the := operator is also a Boolean expression:

 if(add(_, _) := myExpr) ... 

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