For WebVR I've found: vrDisplay.requestPresent ([{source: canvas, attributes: {highRefreshRate: true}}]);

For WebXR only: requiredFeatures: ["local-floor"]

For requiredFeatures: ["highRefreshRate"]. I get "Unrecognized feature requested: highRefreshRate" Error in Oculus Go. Can I get supported features?

and how to set 'foveationLevel: 3'?


Foveation and high refresh rate features aren't specified yet AFAIK.

However if you are willing to feature-detect and handle failures, here are the strings which Oculus Browser will recognize in addition to the standard ones like local-floor:

  • Foveation: no-fixed-foveation, low-fixed-foveation-level, medium-fixed-foveation-level, high-fixed-foveation-level
  • Refresh rate: low-refresh-rate, high-refresh-rate
  • Chromatic aberration correction: ca-correction

So for example:

button.onclick = async () => {
  let session = await navigator.xr.requestSession('immersive-vr', {
    requiredFeatures: ['high-fixed-foveation-level', 'low-refresh-rate']
  • thanks, I get 60/72 fps (16/14 ms) for low/high refresh rate on Oculus Go (but I can't see any difference yet :) at "WebXR samples" link – Evgeny Demidov Apr 30 '20 at 7:17
  • as expected, my demo with 'high-refresh-rate' 'requiredFeatures' doesn't work in Chrome on Android 10 (Xiaomi Mi9). It works with 'optionalFeatures' and I get ~14 ms (72 fps) on Oculus Go again. Shall I use 'optionalFeatures'? – Evgeny Demidov Apr 30 '20 at 8:46
  • Yeah, that's probably the simplest and most future proof thing to do. – Dominic Cooney Apr 30 '20 at 10:48

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