Is there a shorter way to set multiple properties to the same value in Powershell in one command than this?


(gi  "c:\test.txt").LastWriteTime = (gi  "c:\test.txt").LastAccessTime = (gi  "c:\test.txt").CreationTime = Get-date

I'm just curious if there is a way to shorten this syntax.

"CreationTime","LastWriteTime","LastAccessTime" |% {(gi test.txt).$_ = (get-date)}
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    Just for fun, you can also do this: $test.CreationTime, $test.LastWriteTime, $test.LastAccessTime = @(get-date) * 3 – JasonMArcher Jun 17 '11 at 21:02
  • Both your answers are not quite the same, semantically, as the op's example. The OP is guaranteed the same date on all three props. In your cases, not so. There's a chance of a roll over in both the foreach-object and the * multiplier. – x0n Apr 24 '12 at 3:03

I've used a slightly modified version of Mjolinor's answer to solve a problem I had of incorrect date on files that had just been downloaded from a remote source. I modified the code to make it cleaner to understand in case I have to come back to in the future (changed the short hand to full command names).

# Correct Access/Create/Write times on transferred files
ForEach( $File in $TransferList ) {
    @("CreationTime","LastAccessTime","LastWriteTime") | ForEach {
        $(Get-Item $File.Name).$_ = $File.Date

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