Chrome has a Cookie flag Priority which prioritises which Cookies will be deleted first (lower priority)..


Set-Cookie: GAPS=1:ZYBtVMzURzU2umKMxZThJ2lVPxy3Hg:SvHhlG2k1Vy5pnA0;Path=/;Expires=Wed, 04-Nov-2015 20:44:37 GMT;Secure;HttpOnly;Priority=High

I'd like to set this value from express, but I can't see anyway I'd do that (docs).

Can someone point me in the right direction? (Do I need to set the header myself?)



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So, I ended up just using the cookie library internally used by express...

const cookie = require('cookie')

// ... inside route ...

let setCookie = cookie.serialize('name', value, {
  expires: new Date(9999, 11, 31),
  path: '/',
  httpOnly: true,
  secure: true,
  domain: yourCookieDomain
setCookie += '; Priority=High'
res.append('Set-Cookie', setCookie)


set-cookie: name=value; Domain=foobar.com; Path=/; Expires=Fri, 31 Dec 9999 00:00:00 GMT; HttpOnly; Secure; Priority=High

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