I am tracking checkout process with GTM custom events. All steps gets tracked correctly but checkout flow is broken:

enter image description here

  • First checkout event with 'actionField': {'step': 1} is triggered on entering checkout page.
  • Second checkout step is triggered after filling form.
  • Third checkout step is triggered before redirecting user to payment provider.
  • After successful payment user is redirected back to my site where purchase event is triggered (4th column).

Most of payments (17 of 25) was successful but GA shows that 100% abandoned checkout process.

How can I fix that?

The second issue is that in ecommerce referrals I see payment provider in first place. I am pretty sure that this is wrong and it's caused by redirecting users after payment.

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You have to set your payment gateway domain (i.e. paypal.com) in Referral Exclusion list, in Property settings.

  • That was it! Thanks!
    – untitled
    Apr 20, 2020 at 17:06

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