I have an IndexedDB that was created with Chrome on a VM. I copied the folder to my local machine, and now I would like to see it in devtools. (and I have a script that will create CSVs for me)

My problem is that all the files are deleted as soon as I navigate to the domain and open devtools. It then adds empty LOG and LOCK files.

What I've Tried:

Using the IndexedDB created on my local machine:

  • Remove and re-add IndexedDB into the same chrome profile on the same machine: works fine.
  • Copy IndexedDB to a different chrome profile on the same machine: works fine.
  • Changing the domain in the DB folder name: Files not deleted, but DB won't show up in devtools

Using the IndexedDB from the VM:

  • Copying the IndexedDB domain folder (https_domain...): The files are deleted and the log file shows: 2020/04/20-15:31:04.420 1cc4 Delete type=2 #897 There is one line for each of the LDB files I copied in.

  • Copying only the LDB files and manifest file - same issue as above

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Edit: This has randomly started working, using the same files that I was trying it with before :S

  • See if there's a clue in the debug log. Note that the entire folder should be copied, not just the ldb. – wOxxOm Apr 20 '20 at 14:12
  • I've also tried copying the entire folder, I'll have a look in the debug log, thanks – ThomasRones Apr 20 '20 at 15:48

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