I am getting this error from Android project from Asp.Net Zero

Set configuration before using remote localization!

How do I set the configuration without calling AbpUserConfiguration/GetAll API?

Below code from UserConfigurationService sets the configuration

Should I call this API before the app start up? But say the API server is down then app should not rely on this API and throw exception

public async Task<AbpUserConfigurationDto> GetAsync(bool isUserLoggedIn)
    return isUserLoggedIn
        ? await GetAuthenticatedUserConfig()
        : await _apiClient.GetAnonymousAsync<AbpUserConfigurationDto>(Endpoint);

where private const string Endpoint = "AbpUserConfiguration/GetAll";

private static string LocalizeInternal(string text)
    if (ApplicationBootstrapper.AbpBootstrapper == null || text == null)
        return text;

    var appContext = ApplicationBootstrapper.AbpBootstrapper.IocManager.IocContainer.Resolve<IApplicationContext>();
    if (appContext.Configuration == null)
        throw new Exception("Set configuration before using remote localization!");

    return appContext.Configuration.Localization.Localize(text);

I want to set configuration to a fallback value if the API fails. I had tried setting Configuration manually but wasn't successful because there are so many dependent properties which only get set with API call

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