First post - hope I'm doing it right!

I have a file, lexicon.plist, containing an array of about 250K words. I want to load all words of length 'n' into an NSArray.

I know about the NSArray instance method:

  • (id)initWithContentsOfFile:(NSString *)aPath

but I don't see any way to intervene in the process of reading the file into the NSArray. The only solution I can see is to first load the entire lexicon into one NSArray, and then run through it in a loop selecting the elements of length 'n'.

I'm very new at Cocoa, but I have come across some methods that perform some sort of iterative task, that accept a "block" of code that is invoked at each iteration. I was wondering if such a functional variant of initWithContentsOfFile might exist, or how else I might iteratively read an array from a .plist file and filter the elements I'm interested in.

[And if you're wondering if this might be a case of premature optimization - it is ;-) But I'd still like to know.]


.plist files are basically XML files so you can use an NSXMLParser on it and filter out the elements of interest.

  • Thanks - this looks like the closest thing to what I'm after. – Chap May 26 '11 at 17:07

If you want to load a filtered selection of a saved data, you should use a SQL repository using SQLite, for example. Plain files can only be fully loaded in memory.

  • This will definitely come in handy in the future but comes with a longer learning curve for me at this moment, as compared with NSXMLParser suggested by @Deepak. – Chap May 26 '11 at 17:09

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