Trying to plot a very simple 3d scatter plot with x,y,z axes all equal in length. It is not working.

Code: '''

from mpl_toolkits import mplot3d
import pandas
from pandas import DataFrame

pt_num = 100
x = np.random.uniform(-10,10,size=(pt_num,2))
model = np.array([2,2]).reshape(-1,1)
y = np.dot(x,model)
data = np.hstack((x,y))
dats = {'x':data[:,0].squeeze(),'w':data[:,1].squeeze(),'y':data[:,2].squeeze()}
df = DataFrame(data=dats)

import plotly.express as px
fig = px.scatter_3d(df, x='x', y='w', z='y',width=1200, height=1200)
fig['layout'].update(width=1500, height=1500, autosize=False)


Resulting plot

Thank you for any help.

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Asked too soon out of frustration. The answer is to add 'aspectmode="cube"' to the scene dict for fig.update_layout:


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