Im using the Content-Managemen-API provided by contentful.

Im using this to create a single entry in a space and this works fine:

const contentful = require('contentful-management')

const client = contentful.createClient({
  accessToken: '<content_management_api_key>'

.then((space) => space.createEntry('<content_type_id>', {
  fields: {
    title: { 'de-DE': 'Zusammenfassung', 'en-US': 'Summary' },
    slug: { 'en-US': 'example-app-summary' },
    modules: { 'en-US': [Object] }
.then((entry) => console.log(entry))

My Problem:

I want to create a nested entry. Which means an entry contains another entry and so on.

I have tried the sending contentful this data strcuture:

fields: {
    title: { 'de-DE': 'Zusammenfassung', 'en-US': 'Summary' },
    slug: { 'en-US': 'example-app-summary' },
    modules: { 'en-US': [Object] }

The modules property contains another entries meta-data shown below:

{ type: 'Link', linkType: 'Entry', id: '4Ng6zmj9e8Sw0eaYKQM8Es' }

When I do a POST request with the above data, it does create a Entry but the nested entries don't work and I see this.

enter image description here


Anyone know how I can create an entry with nested items? Im not sure what data structure to send to the API.

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