I want to change the title on each page to custom in React-Admin Is there a specific property in the Recorse or list or edit or create composites? please guide me Thanks

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  • Can you tell us what you've tried so far please
    – Ameer
    Commented Apr 24, 2020 at 14:26

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List, Show, Create and Update components all accept title prop, it can be either a string, or an element of your own.

<List {...props} title="My custom title">


const PostTitle = props => {
    return <span>Post {props.record ? `"${props.record.title}"` : ''}</span>;

export const PostShow = (props) => (
    <Show title={<PostTitle />} {...props}>

If you wanna change the name in the menu, you can pass options prop with label to Resource:

<Resource ... options={{label: "Custom menu name"}}>

For multillingual apps, this is accomplished with the i18nProvider prop on Admin


If you want to set page titles for web browsers, or any other properties on <head> block, you can use react-helmet.

  <title>New page title</title>

Here some references:

  • Generally speaking this may be fine but it is not the React-Admin way of doing things. @gstvg's solution is correct.
    – coderfin
    Commented Apr 27 at 10:48

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