i have this problem: i compile and run application and all work in mine computer. When i try to run same application in other computer, i have error about rtl150.bpl not found. I have searched on internet and all response that i have had tell me to verify if in PROJECT->OPTION->PACKAGES is checked: "BUILD WITH RUNTIME PACKAGE". It is checked, i compile project but i have same every error. I have saw too that executable of application is very small for example: 186 KB, when usually it was about 2000 KB. I use delphi xe and not know as i need to do for solve it. Please, someone can help me to solve this problem? Thanks very much.

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    Just uncheck the "BUILD WITH RUNTIME PACKAGE" checkbox to solve your problem.
    – kludg
    May 26, 2011 at 16:03

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If you build with packages you must distribute the packages (.BPL files) your application uses.

If you don't build with runtime packages you won't get this error.

The list of packages you must distribute is semi-colon delimited list next to the check box for Build with run time packages in the project options.

Project Options Dialog

The Size of an Executable will drop when building with Runtime packages. That is because the code is now in the BPL/Package. But that means your application now needs these additional files. Think of a Package as a specialized DLL that has been renamed.

  • @Danny. Packages are specific to a version of Delphi. Packages are separate files and are not included in your application. May 31, 2011 at 15:57

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