Can any body help me in creating jwk from rsa public key like Manually create JWK from (RSA) PublicKey in java. Wanting to avoid Org.BouncyCastle or third party implementation


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Have created JWK from public key as per following. IF any one have better suggestion then please let me know

using (var textReader = new StringReader(o.publickey))
                                var pubkeyReader = new PemReader(textReader);
                                RsaKeyParameters KeyParameters = (RsaKeyParameters)pubkeyReader.ReadObject();
                                var obj = new JwksKey
                                    use = "sig",
                                    kid = o.short_code,
                                    e = Base64UrlEncoder.Encode(KeyParameters.Exponent.ToByteArrayUnsigned()),
                                    n = Base64UrlEncoder.Encode(KeyParameters.Modulus.ToByteArrayUnsigned()),
                                    kty = "RSA",
                                    alg = "RS256"

I want's couple of more thing from public key if possible instead of hardcoding it. two things are kty and alg. If it is possible then please let me know. I have private key available at this time of generation. do let me know if i can get kty and alg from them then i will use it. Thanks

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