If I found a bug in my application, sometimes I need to know which commits have affected to the bug source code line. I'm wondering which is the best approach to do it with Git.


I'd use the git blame command. That's pretty much exactly what it is for. The documentation should get you started.


To see commits affecting line 40 of file foo:

git blame -L 40,+1 foo

The +1 means exactly one line. To see changes for lines 40-60, it's:

git blame -L 40,+21 foo


git blame -L 40,60 foo

The second number can be an offset designated with a '+', or a line number. git blame docs

git blame filename

is the best command to show you this info


If you only need the last change:

git blame

Otherwise, you could try to automatically find the offending change with

git bisect
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    +1 for bisect. Good for trying to figure out which commit broke something without knowning exactly what is wrong. – vcsjones May 26 '11 at 19:24

You can use

git annotate filename (or)

git blame filename

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