I need some help, I'm starting with Spring Cloud Skipper. I've got a little batch jar made up and I've got the jar on my premises. How do I get it installed on the skipper? Do I have to tell you where the .jar is in the package intall or can it be done from my project with some properties? thanks

skipper:>package install --release-name helloworld-local --package-name helloworld --package-version 1.0.0 --properties spec.applicationProperties.server.port=8099 Can not find package 'helloworld', version '1.0.0' Details of the error have been omitted. You can use the stacktrace command to print the full stacktrace. skipper:>

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I think you are following the Skipper documentation and stumbled upon the 3 second tutorial... I did too.

What they missed is to upload the package to skipper first

  1. Download the hello world zip here

  2. Then do this in skipper shell

     package upload --path /<path_to_the_package>/helloworld-1.0.0.zip

Then you'll be able to do the install.

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