Why would the promoted field name be called AS2ToInternal instead of AS2To as we are expecting? Pipeline used is AS2Receive on a Sync Port.

We have a SendPort setup to filter on the promoted field: AS2IntAS.AS2To, and since that value is missing, we are get a routing failure.

enter image description here

When I look in the InboundHttpHeaders value, everything looks correct, for example:

AS2-Version: 1.2
AS2-To: Zxxxx
AS2-From: 1xxxx
  • I wrote a pipeline to fix, to re-promote AS2To from AS2ToInternal, but no idea why I had to do this. In testing it, I found that I had to put it after the AS2 Disassembler stage. Everything was fine in the Decode stage. – NealWalters Apr 29 at 16:28
  • @NealWatlters we are facing the same issue. Could you share the pipeline with us? – Corovei Andrei Jun 29 at 9:18
  • @CoroveiAndrei - This will get you started. You will still have to know how to build, compile, and make a pipeline from it. mylifeismymessage.net/… – NealWalters Jun 29 at 14:55
  • Thank you for the code - we did write our own code and it looked very similar to yours. Where did you put this pipeline component? On the validation placeholder in the receive pipeline? – Corovei Andrei Jun 30 at 6:21
  • @CoroveiAndrei I think it was the second or last phase. If I remember, first one didn't work. Don't have access to everything now. – NealWalters Jun 30 at 13:38

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