Stylegan2 uses network pickle files to store ML models. I transfer trained one model, which I am able to open up on cloud servers. I have been generating images from this model fine with the following setup:

  • Google Colab: Python 3.6.9, CUDA 10.1, tensorflow-gpu 1.15, CuDNN 7.6.5

However, I cannot open the network pickle file on my local machine, even though I've been trying to replicate that cloud setup the best I can. (I have the right GPU hardware/drivers/etc.)

  • Local (Windows 10) Python 3.6.9, CUDA 10.1, tensorflow-gpu 1.15, CuDNN 7.6.5
  • Requires a library 'dnnlib' to be in the PYTHONPATH and for a tf.Session() to be initialized

I get the an assertion error about the pickle.

**Assertion error**: `assert state["version"] in [2,3]`

I find this error very odd because the network pickle works on the cloud--so it was saved properly. Additionally, my local set up can open up other network pickles(ie. ones downloaded from the internet through GET requests), making me think that I have properly set up my PYTHONPATH and initialized a tf.Session. These are prerequisites listed in the Stylegan repo:

"You can import the networks in your own Python code using pickle.load(). For this to work, you need to include the dnnlib source directory in PYTHONPATH and create a default TensorFlow session by calling dnnlib.tflib.init_tf()"

I'm not sure why I cannot open up this pickle in one environment, but can in another. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might start looking?


Actually, I figured it out by printing out what version was throwing the error. The version printed was '4'. I realized that this matched the pickle (HIGHEST_PROTOCOL) and that what I needed was the newest pull of the Stylegan2 repository, which included pickle format_version 4 in their allowed versions.

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