I want to set guild icon as the thumbnail of embed but neither guild.icon nor guild.iconURL() work

bot.on('message', message => {
    if(message.author.bot) return;

    if(message.channel.name === 'verify') {
        if(message.content === '!verify') {
            let dm = message.author;
            let server = message.guild.name;
            let servericon = message.guild.iconURL();

            let attachment = new Discord.MessageAttachment(this.choose , 'chosen.png')

            let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
            .setTitle(`**Welcome to ${server}**\n\nCaptcha`)
            .setDescription("Please complete the captcha given below to gain access to the server.\n**Note:** This is case sensitive")
            .setAuthor('Mr.Verifier', "https://i.ibb.co/nckjDjG/hmm.png")
                { name: '**Why all this?**', value: 'This is to protect the servers from\nmalicious raids of automated bots'}


  • You said the thumbnail doesn't show up but you didn't paste the code for servericon, you need to show what you've tried. – Syntle Apr 28 at 11:44
  • sorry.by mistake – Mr X Apr 28 at 11:47

You need to use guild.iconURL().

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  • it says null in console at that also. – Mr X Apr 28 at 11:50
  • is this embed in the guildMemberAdd event? – Syntle Apr 28 at 11:51
  • What version of discord.js are you using? – Syntle Apr 28 at 11:56
  • nvm. I fixed it. It was my mistake. – Mr X Apr 28 at 12:04

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