I am trying to send the user a form with checkboxes to enable the user to select a max of two values. In this instance I am trying to calculate from the user what their 2 most common transport modes are. Could you please advise how to do this?

current code

  if (slots.TransportMode === null) {
      console.log('transport mode slot');

      let slotToElicit = 'TransportMode';
      let message = {
        contentType: "CustomPayload",
        content: "<div class='transport-mode'><p><strong>What are the 2 most common transport modes that you use?</strong></p><input class='single-checkbox' type='checkbox' name='Motorbike' value='Motorbike'>Motorbike<br><input class='single-checkbox' type='checkbox' name='Car' value='Car'>Car<br><input class='single-checkbox' type='checkbox' name='Bus' value='Bus'>Bus<br><input class='single-checkbox' type='checkbox' name='Train' value='Train'>Train<br></div>"

      callback(lexResponses.ElicitSlot(intentRequest.sessionAttributes, intentRequest.currentIntent.name, slots, slotToElicit, message));


elicit slot function

module.exports.ElicitSlot = function(sessionAttributes, intentName, slots, slotToElicit, message) {
  return {
    dialogAction: {
      type: 'ElicitSlot',

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