I have an xml response like this:

"model": {
    "results": [ {"item": "A", "xml":"...."}, {"item": "B", "xml":"...."} ]

I am trying to loop over the list of the results and get the element 'xml'. For now i am doing something like this:

- name: Retrieve xml tags 
    xmlstring: "{{ item.string }}"
    xpath: "{{ item.path }}"
    content: text
    - { path: "/rpc-reply/lldp-remote-system-name", string: "{{ model.results[].xml }}" }

But this is not working. I have tried also this:

model.results[*].xml but is wrong.

And I have tried to add a second loop inside but I am not getting anything. Any suggestions ?


You can loop through the list in response like below:

  - name: xml tags
      xmlstring: "{{ item.xml }}"
      xpath: "/rpc-reply/lldp-remote-system-name"
      content: text
    loop: "{{ model.results }}"

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