Hello is there a way to use a relativ file path for json.schemas?

$schema = "file:///foo.schema.json"

<-- This does not work in vscode

$schema = "file:///c:/test/foo.schema.json"

<-- This would work


If you have a scheme like file:, that forms a full (absolute) URI, instead of a (relative) URI Reference.

A full URI is supposed to mean the same thing everywhere, so it doesn't make sense to have a relative file path. Also note that file:///foo.schema.json is the same thing as file://localhost/foo.schema.json

To write a relative filename, use a URI Reference, like foo.schema.json. This will be resolved against a URI base — typically the URI of the document — to form the correct URI, even if the file moves on the filesystem.

For example, if you use this in a file at c:\test\main.json, then the Base URI will be file:///c:/test/main.json, and the URI Reference will resolve to file:///c:/test/foo.schema.json, which is correct.

See File Uri Scheme and Relative Files for more information on this.

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