filterOption={(input, option) => {
                                        if (option.props.children != undefined) {
                                          return (
                                            option.props.children.toLowerCase().indexOf(input.toLowerCase()) >= 0
                                      placeholder="Select User"
                                      onChange={e =>
                                        this.handleChange("user", e)
                                      onPopupScroll = {this.loadMore}
                                      <Option value="">Select</Option>
                                      {this.state.userList &&
                                        this.state.userList.map(userList => (
                                          userList && userList.userNumber != null &&
                                          <Option value={userList.userNumber}>
                                        {this.state.loadingState == true ? 
                                        <Option value="">Loading .....</Option>
                                        : ""}

I have designed a page using react. I need to implement infinite scrolling in an ant dropdown. So I am using the onPopupScroll function of antd select to call API to load more data to the dropdown. But i am facing performance issue in the dropdown. The scrollbar is not working properly. I cant able to drag the scrollbar to the end of the options. It is very slow. Has someone faced this issues? How can I fix this?

loadMore = ( e) => {
    this.setState({ loadingState: true });
    e.persist (); 
     const {target} = e; 
     if (target.scrollTop + target.offsetHeight === target.scrollHeight) { 
       // API call (to load more data..........)

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    can you provide a code example? – The Reason Apr 29 '20 at 11:54

I dont know why would you use this

e.persist (); 

But here is a decent solution, I used earlier with a paginated api, to load data in the Select component.

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