Vuetify seems to define it's default dark theme here, and I would like to overwrite some of those values with custom colors.

It seems like scss is the way to overwrite this. However, when I try to change the backgound color, I don't see any change.

@import '~vuetify/src/styles/main.sass';

$material-dark: () !default;
$material-dark: map-deep-merge(
    'background': #FFFF00

I'm importing it in main.js (import "./example.scss"), and I know it's loading (syntax errors make it crash), but the dark themed background doesn't change. If this isn't how vuetify styling works, what is?

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For vue-cli, the scss style must be included in vue.config.js, ie.

module.exports = {
  "configureWebpack": {
  "css": {
    "loaderOptions": {
      "sass": {
        "prependData": `@import "~@/styles/main.scss"` // change the route with you main.scss location in yout proyect
  "lintOnSave": false,
  "transpileDependencies": [
  "publicPath": ".",

Also, the scss file should import styles.sass instead of main.sass. ie.

@import '~vuetify/src/styles/styles.sass';

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